Memories from Childhood in Germany


A memory from my childhood. The quintessential birthday celebration of my childhood in Kitzingen, Germany. Mother made my favorite cake, which was mocha buttercream torte with a cup of that fabulous German coffee. My father surprised me that year with a pearl necklace and a big bunch of red gladioli. They are still my favorite flowers. The medieval tower in the middle of town has a leaning roof. Since Kitzingen is located in a wine growing region, there are many rumors as to how the tower got its crooked roof. One of the versions is that there was a drought, but plenty of wine was available, so they used wine instead of water for construction and got a tipsy tower. Haha. A more realistic guess is that green lumber was used in the construction which then bent over time. It now houses a carnival museum. The birds flying around are pigeons. Miss this little town on the River Main.